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50 years of metallic structures

Understanding the product in depth, listening to and understanding the needs of our clients and providing them with an integral service of manufacturing, optimisation and execution of metallic structures means that we are in great shape to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

Think BIG Stay SMALL Move FAST

We manufacture, we optimise, we implement

Functional, singular or useful. All the constructions in which Goros participates have one thing in common: certainty.

  1.  Certainty: in the guarantee that we manufacture quality metallic structures.
  2.  Certainty: in the excellent execution of a metallic structures project.
  3.  Certainty: in the efficient use and optimisation of the resources employed.

“What works good is better than what looks good, because what works good lasts.”

A certainty that will find in each one of our main services:

We transform the raw materials to manufacture the metallic structures our clients need. We then pre-assemble them so that they are ready to be fully assembled on site.

We bring our engineering knowledge in metallic structures to the development of industrial construction projects, bridges, buildings and capital goods, meaning that our clients can optimise their projects.

With the aim of reducing costs and making better use of resources, at Goros we have innovative tools and solutions that allow us to create lighter structures that are equally safe and efficient.

We accompany our clients throughout the development of their metal structure projects and for this reason we also participate in the assembly of the pieces, working hand-in-hand with the on-site management to ensure the desired results.

How we help

A company can only offer excellent results if its foundations are solid. Goros started out in the metal structures sector in May 1972 and today we are a benchmark company in the field. Here are our characteristics:


This is the pillar of our company and the reason why we can guarantee the quality of our products and the execution of our client's projects.


They are spacious and innovative, a place where traditional technology is combined with new solutions. This allow us to personalise our clients' projects to the maximum.


Thanks to our Engineering department, we can accompany our clients in the optimisation of the project and also in its planning and execution.


These guarantee not only the quality of our products and processes, but also our firm commitment both to the environment and to the development of the sector.

Find out about our projects

 In addition to manufacturing metal structures and adapting them to the needs of our clients, we also accompany them in the development and execution of their projects. We cover industrial construction, bridges and viaducts, singular buildings and capital goods.

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