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Committed to you,
our team and our surroundings

We know that it’s not just about what we can do, but what others can guarantee we can do. It is about being responsible with what we do, with the people we do it with, for whom we do it and where we do it.

At Goros we are committed to our team, to our clients and to our surroundings. That is why, in order to continue improving as a company, we have all the certificates required by public authorities and those that we demand of ourselves.

To find out about the company’s current commitments, you can read our INTEGRATED QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT AND RISK PREVENTION POLICY.


And to guarantee it, we have the following AENOR certificates:

UNE EN ISO 9001 – Quality Assurance
UNE EN ISO 14001 – Environmental Care
• UNE EN ISO 3834 – Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials
UNE EN 1090 CE Marking – Compliance to the highest standard (EXC4) for metallic structures.

We also guarantee our work with the following certificates:

State Contractors Classification B04D and C03E
Accredited Company Registration REA 15/01/0001747

We also hold the Nalanda Certificate. This certifies us as a qualified supplier for the management of contract documentation and ratifications that guarantee compliance with CAE regulations, their ratification, and other subcontracting requirements on site.

In addition, and for each of our clients, Goros prepares a quality dossier as a guarantee of a job well done.

Certificados calidad



Through training, equal opportunity policies, job improvement and by guaranteeing their safety in the execution of their work.

To achieve this, our Risk Prevention and Safety at Work department provides the necessary training and safety equipment and clothing so that our workers can work safely.

This is an essential department for Goros, as we want our workers to be able to carry out their work with the maximum safety guarantees. We are endorsed by the Occupational Risk Prevention Plan Audit Certificate.


Because we want to continue enjoying it, at Goros we have always been committed to developing a business plan that respects the environment. It is part of our company philosophy and it is unshakeable: if we do not look after our environment, there is no future.

For this reason, we have the ISO 14001 certificate. This offers guarantees to our staff and clients that the environmental impact of Goros is a concerns to us and that it is monitored and improved.

Find out about the measures we take in our annually updated Environmental Report.

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