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Optimisation, manufacturing and assembly of metal structures.

Thanks to our services in the manufacturing, assembly and optimisation of metal structures, our goal at Goros is to be the partner that your business needs for the creation of business structures and infrastructures that make people’s lives easier.


Goros has facilities measuring over 20,000 square metres that are dedicated to the manufacturing and design of metal structures adapted to the needs of our clients’ projects.

A space that has the most innovative machinery combined with a team of operators trained specifically to carry out the precision tasks that are required in each stage of the manufacturing process.

We have specially designed machinery that provides solutions for spaces in which structures requires very specific designs and very specific knowledge. This, in turn, allows us to reduce delivery and assembly times.

All the metal structures manufactured at Goros are created under strict safety measures and under the safety and quality guarantees that certify the metal structures. The UNE EN ISO 9001 certificate guarantees the quality of all the products we manufacture exclusively for our clients.


In order to complete the whole process and guarantee the safety of the installations and other structures requested by our clients, at Goros we also offer the service of transport and assembly of these structures.

For this purpose, we have logistics operators and an assembly team with considerable experience in the safe erection of metal structures.

The advantage of being manufacturers of our own metal structures allows us to apply our exhaustive knowledge of these materials to the optimisation of resources and thus save costs both in terms of materials and assembly time.


This is, without a doubt, our distinguishing characteristic. Our engineering department has the knowledge, tools and experience necessary to optimise the project, without compromising safety in any way.

As manufacturers of metal structures, we understand their behaviour intimately. This allows us to safely and efficiently assemble large parts during the manufacturing process. In the case of more complicated projects, we can also carry out pre-assembly in the workshop.

This work flow provides the following benefits:

  • Materials: We achieve a 30% improvement in weight with respect to the original project.
  • Lower cost for the client: We need less material to obtain the same result that the client requires and we always do so in accordance with the specifications of the CTE (Technical Code for Buildings).
  • Execution times: We know in advance how the structure is going to be assembled and the ideal way to do it in the shortest possible time, and always with the maximum guarantee of safety.
  • Logistics: We achieve savings in the transport of materials from our headquarters to the assembly site.

In short, this service allows us to optimise the initial construction solution of the project by developing an improved structural resizing, respecting at all times the requirements and specifications of the project and always in accordance with the CTE (Technical Code for Buildings).

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