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“Engagement has to be human, because people trust people more than brands” (Ana Alonso, Shell).

GOROS: people working with people

One hundred employees (between partners and workers), divided into 4 departments:

  • Foremen and supervisors: These are in charge of assembling the metal structures for your business.
  • Engineering department: This is in charge of studying the viability of your project and making the necessary optimisations to achieve a project in which safety and quality are paramount.
  • Production staff: They are responsible for the manufacturing and development of metal structures, both for their provision and subsequent assembly.
  • Administrative and commercial department: This is the first port of call when you contact us. They are in charge of dealing with our clients, preparing optimised budgets and so on.

This is Goros. Goros is made up of people and we are committed to their growth, because we know that there is no greater asset in a business than them. This is a key part of our brand values.

The stability of our staff and the satisfaction of our employees make our company a more solid and reliable business for our clients.

This is where we work

20,000 square metres at the service of our clients, where traditional manufacturing systems are blended with the most avant-garde machinery.

In this way, we guarantee our clients safe, sustainable materials that meet their needs.

This space is divided into 2 sections:


  • 1.500 tons/month in projects of medium complexity and based on hot-rolled steel profiles.
  • Automatic cutting and drilling line for heavy profiles (capacity up to 20 metres in length).
  • Automatic cutting and drilling line for light profiles (capacity up to 16 metres in length).
  • Rotary head plasma cutting line for bevel cutting and sheet metal preparation (capacity up to 24 metres in length and 3 metres in width), which translates into improved processes in terms of quality and agility, thus improving delivery times.
  • Automatic cell for the manufacturing of small parts.
  • 2 automatic beam assembly and welding lines (capacity of up to 18 metres in length, horizontally and vertically, by submerged arc welding SAW).
  • Bending and forming line to meet all the needs of our clients’ structures.
  • Surface treatment line with automatic shot blasting and a painting cabin.
  • Cranes with capacity of up to 120 tons with simultaneous lifting of up to 100 tons.


An area designed for the assembly of our clients’ projects, where production personnel work.

All our equipment is subject to strict safety controls and all the operators involved in this area are trained in the prevention of occupational hazards.

All our operators are equipped with safety clothing and equipment to carry out the different processes required in the assembly processes in accordance with current regulations. We take care of our staff.

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