Capacity, resources and the human factor

GOROS ' baggage and EXPERIENCE demonstrates its ability to meet objectives and overcome challenges, guaranteeing excellence in all the works it performs.

20.000 m2 of production installations in which the permanent modernization of the equipment is an imperative. This combines conventional technology with highly automated process and manufacturing lines, allowing a remarkable production flexibility and a high capacity to respond to customer needs.


  • Automatic line cutting and drilling heavy profile, up to 20 mtrs. length
  • Automatic line cutting and drilling light profile, up to 16 mtrs long
  • Plasma cutting line rotary head for bevel cutting and veneer preparation, up to 24 mtrs. Length and 3 meters width
  • Automatic cell making and cardboard manufacture
  • 2 Automatic lines of welding and welding of beams, up to 18 mtrs horizontal and vertical length, by SAW (submerged arc)
  • Bending and forming line.
  • Surface treatment line: automatic shot blasting and paint booth.
  • Cranes with capacity up to 120 Tons



GOROS has its own equipment and assembly personnel, performing continuous follow up and monitoring of the progress of the project. The assembly area is organized in several assembly teams specialized by type of project and all formed in the field of health and safety hazards. The scrupulous fulfillment of the established safety measures, as well as the use of the necessary individual and collective protection equipment are monitored at all times...

The HUMAN FACTOR, the most important link of our productive processes only with a good management of the people we obtain the improvement of the processes and the sustained profitability.

The way of working the professionalism and the trust placed by our portfolio of clients supports this.






It is one of the most important PROJECTS that Goros has done.

With 8,000 tonnes of manufactured steel, the study phase played a crucial part in order to be able to carry out the project both in the engineering phase and in the manufacturing phase, transport and subsequent assembly.

A construction of these characteristics, where heights of up to 55 meters were needed, with considerable lights and on whose pillars can be placed rails capable of supporting 300 Tn. cranes, makes the construction of the main structure in armed beam was the only solution viable.

Given the magnitude of this project, the entire steelworks was divided into different phases (MILESTONES that according to design could be passed to manufacturing and begin its assembly although there would be other milestones in the development phase.



The pillars were formed by two armed beams joined with laminated profile of the UPN type, resulting in dimensions up to 43.00 x 4.40 x 1.80 m and weights up to 44 Tn. These pillars, given their size, were made in 3 sections that would then be joined on site by screwing.